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Bedrich Vychodil, a Czech-born painter, has been exploring the surreal world through various activities since his early years. His strong desire to express this world through mind, words, and matter has always been essential to his life. Bedrich's first co-exhibition was held in his hometown, and since then, his passion has found its anchor on the defined borders of "canvases of space" through a spontaneous meeting with other artists.

In pursuit of his unreal dream, Bedrich travelled to New Zealand, where he settled in the historic City of Dunedin, dedicating his time and focus to painting and studying local art. In the New Zealand exhibition, Bedrich presents a profile of his dream paintings called "The Dream." Through his surrealistic worldview, he primarily focuses on making statements and discovering the power of acrylic painting and collages based on acrylic emulsion with transferred pigment.

Bedrich's current works tell stories through surrealistic portraits, always full of symbolism and mysticism. He also experiments with the dirty cup technique to unleash the unpredictable moment of creation.

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